Herbal Steam Compress [luk pra kob] 

Learn to make fresh aromatic herbal compresses to use in your existing sessions.  Although these healing bundles are inspired from the Thai traditional healing arts, they are wonderful to use as an adjunct to most bodywork sessions, as well a self-care tool to use at home.

While the therapeutic benefits of herbal steam compresses are too numerous to list, here are some of the fundamental ones:

  • increase circulation
  • increase energy flow in stagnant tissues
  • help to ease mental and physical tension
  • help alleviate congestion and open the sinuses (aid in breath work!)
  • they smell divine and calm the spirit (everyone in your building/wellness center/house will benefit!)

They are fun to make and easy to weave into your existing practice!  Join me in this effervescent one day workshop.  We will chop, pound, shred, and shape herbs into little bundles, which will then go into a steamer. After a demo on both massage table and floor mat, to give ideas of how to blend them in to different styles of bodywork (i.e. Thai, myofascial, spot treatment or weaving them into a whole body massage), we will experience the therapeutic benefits of these bundles as we practice using them on one another.

Herbal Steam Compress Workshop [luk pra kob] , Saturday, March 30, 2019. Earth Body East, SE Portland. 6 CE hours, 10am – 5pm $135 materials included. *early bird special $120 RSVP by February 28

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Thai Techniques Translated for the Table 

Have you ever been curious about the world of Thai bodywork, but feel hesitant about buying a mat and asking your clients to move from the table to the floor?  Do you already practice Thai but want to learn to adapt it to your table sessions?  Are you looking for new ways to approach the body and inspire your creative mind?  This workshop is for you!

In this workshop you will :

  • learn the tools and techniques to be able to provide a 60 to 90 minute table Thai session, or blend them into your existing table work. Supine, side lying and prone positions will be included.
  • learn to moves limbs and joints safely through range of motion/stretching
  • learn to work confidently and effectively in side-lying
  • open your creative juices to different ways of approaching the body and learn new ways of using your own body effortlessly and effectively

This will be a small class to enrich your learning process and to ensure I get to spend one on one time with each of you.

Thai Techniques Translated for the Table. Date TBA, CE 14


Building blocks of Traditional Thai bodywork [nuad boran]

Ready to delve into the amazing world of Thai bodywork?  Have you already had a taste, but need a refresher to give you the confidence to share it with your clients?  Are you feeling stagnant in your work and want a completely different angle to approach the body?  Are you having pain/repetitive injury from the way you are currently using your body, and would like to discover some new tools (feet, knees, femurs, etc.)?  This workshop is for you!

In this workshop you will:

  • Learn the theory, tools and technique needed to give a 90 minute to 120 minute full traditional Thai bodywork session, working in supine, prone, side lying and seated positions.
  • Get to work from the floor and explore new ways of using your body weight and leverage to effortlessly give effective therapeutic & relaxing work.
  • Learn to move limbs and joints safely
  • Safely stretch your client (for their body and your own)
  • Learn to use more of the tools you already have (like feet, knees and femurs) to deliver comfortable, appropriate pressure.
  • Proper body mechanics using leverage, your body weight and movement to create the pressure, lifts, range of motion and stretches 
  • Open your creative juices to different ways of approaching the body and different ways of using your own body. Working from a whole different angle – the floor!
  • Open yourself to a whole new exciting world and body of work, theory & culture.  

This will be a small class to enrich your learning process and to ensure I get to spend one on one time with each of you.

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